To lead in what you do, you need tools you can rely on to deliver unrivalled performance. With deep expertise and experience and a track record of world firsts, M Squared Lasers provides Dependable Innovation™. This includes the world's most advanced compact ti sapphire laser and a range of photonic instruments with unmatched capabilities.
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M Squared Lasers Headquarters in Scotland

Our products include unique, proprietary technologies.
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SolsTiS ti sapphire laser

SolsTiS CW Ti Sapphire Laser

The smallest, lowest noise, and only fully automated, maintenance-free laser of its type, the SolsTiS CW narrow linewidth Ti Sapphire laser system provides a host of next–generation features.
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Firefly-IR Mid-IR laser


The Firefly-IR laser is a pulsed, tunable mid-IR source bringing a fresh mix of capabilities to remote sensing and molecular spectroscopy applications including high peak and average power, high brightness and very compact size.
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Firefly-THz Terahertz Laser


Offering a higher brightness, more practical alternative to generating terahertz laser light, the Firefly-THz laser provides significant advances in the compactness, convenience and efficiency of THz sources, by virtue of its integrated pump laser, sealed maintenance-free laser head, and a novel op
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Sprite Ultrafast Pulsed Ti Sapphire Laser


The Sprite laser is an ultrafast, femtosecond laser source combining flexibility with design features that maximize stability, reliability and productivity. Available as femtosecond, picosecond and fixed wavelength or tunable versions, the Sprite is equally at home in the lab or an OEM application.
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@m2lasers  It's @M2Lasers last day at International Frequency Control Symposium & European Frequency and Time Forum,Colorado. Drop by and say hello.

Wed 15 Apr 15 @ 11:29

@m2lasers  Join @M2Lasers at International Frequency Control Symposium & European Frequency and Time Forum, 13 -15 April 2015, Denver, USA. Booth #26.

Thu 9 Apr 15 @ 16:58

@m2lasers  RT @ST_TechTrack: .@m2lasers boosts its health sector R&D with @univofstandrews partnership @HiscoxUK #TechTrack100 #OTW http://t.co/Yya9uP…

Thu 26 Mar 15 @ 17:12

@m2lasers  @opticsorg @M2lasers Scottish partnership to develop photonics techniques to fight disease http://t.co/1hgmwjaS70

Thu 26 Mar 15 @ 09:27

@m2lasers  @LaserFocusWorld @M2lasers University of St Andrews and M Squared Lasers form partnership for biophotonics research http://t.co/hYXfZKJotH

Wed 25 Mar 15 @ 09:38

@m2lasers  RT @graememalcolmm2: Hey We're on the Beeb...@m2lasers @univofstandrews BBC News - M Squared Lasers in health research move http://t.co/A4…

Tue 24 Mar 15 @ 16:41

A new commercial partnership by Scottish research teams will release new techniques to aid medical research into cancer and Alzheimer’s

March 24 2015

A new agreement between the University of St Andrews and world-leading laser and photonics company, M Squared Lasers, is to develop a number of new technologies with the potential to help in the detection and treatment of life threatening conditions such as cancer.
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Expansion plans driven by £3.25m funding deal

February 18 2015

Scottish technology firm M Squared Lasers is planning for a period of accelerated growth in the world export market after securing significant financial support from Barclays and BGF (Business Growth Fund).
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International Year of Light 2015

January 21 2015

M Squared Lasers gets set for International Year of Light
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M Squared Lasers to Play Key Role in supporting new network of UK Quantum Technology Hubs

December 3 2014

A new £120 million national network of Quantum Technology Hubs, that will explore the properties of quantum mechanics and how they can be harnessed for use in technology, has been unveiled today at the University of Birmingham
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What is a Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC)

December 23 2013

A Bose Einstein Condensate is a new phase of matter (the other more common phases being solid, liquid, gas and plasma) in which a cloud of bosons is cooled close to absolute zero such that the bosons all condense / fall into the lowest available quantum state. At this point the cloud of super cold atoms starts to exhibit macro characteristics that are different from those of the non-cooled material. A BEC can also be called a “super atom” because the cloud of many thousands of utracold atoms behaves as if it were a single atom.
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Wavelength Tuning Videos

September 13 2013

Setting and adjusting the wavelength of a SolsTiS is easy and fast. Here are a couple of examples with and without a wavemeter.
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CLEO 2015

May 12 2015

Visit us at Cleo 2015, San Jose Convention Center, CA, USA, May 12-15, 2015 - Booth #2019.
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DAMOP 2015

June 9 2015

Visit us at the 46th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics (DAMOP), June 9-11, Columbus, Ohio, USA - Booth #5/6.
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LASER 2015

June 22 2015

We will be exhibiting at LASER World of Photonics, 22-25 June 2015, Munich, Germany - Hall B3 Booth #455.
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