22 – 27 JANUARY 2022

We're looking forward to participating in BIOS and Photonics West 2022, the world's largest annual event for the photonics, laser, and biomedical optics industries.

During this year's event, taking place at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco from 22- 27 January 2022, we will be attending in person, ready to connect and excited to introduce you to M Squared's world-leading laser and photonics platforms that underpin many groundbreaking scientific experiments and industrial applications. This includes our work as a global leader in quantum sensing, timing and computing - all supported by M Squared’s strong pedigree in engineering and our ability to create the world’s purest light.

If you are interested in working with M Squared in any capacity, please don't miss this opportunity to reach out to us. You can find out how to get involved in the Photonics West online community via the SPIE website.

We are always interested in talking to individuals about the extensive and exciting career opportunities in photonics and quantum technologies. Visit our booth during the event to explore the wide variety of careers paths we have available in photonics, quantum technology and biophotonics, or alternatively, please email us at careers@m2lasers.com.

Find us at: BiOS at Moscone South on booth #8003 (22 - 23 January) Photonics West at Moscone South on booth #3003 (25 - 27 January)

More details are available on the SPIE website.

Date: 20 January 2022


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