Map of Road Trip to LWOP 2017

You may remember our 2015 road trip to Laser World of Photonics in Munich, which saw us drive hundreds of miles from Glasgow to Munich in celebration of The International Year of Light?

We stopped off at the landmarks of world-renowned scientists who have contributed to physics and photonics - James Clerk Maxwell, James Watt, Rev. John Kerr, Sir William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, "Renaissance Man" Robert Hooke, Albert Einstein, and Max Planck.

Well, we’re setting off again - #kelvintomunich 

Our 1,406 mile (2263 km) road trip starts Monday 19 June. Representatives from our customer and innovation teams are taking to the trusty M Squared Landrover in #kelvintomunich. A journey which gives us the chance to find out how some of our long-term customers, collaborators and friends are getting on.

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University of Glasgow 

We'll be meeting our friends and partners at the University of Glasgow and QuantIC (UK Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Enhanced Imaging). We've been collaborating closely with QuantIC for a while now, as part of the UK'S Quantum Technology initiative. Together we've been working on single pixel camera technology as well as collaborating on our Innovate UK Gas Sight project .

While we're there, we can't help but stop by the home of renowned physicist Sir William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, who lived at the site from 1870 until his retirement. Did you know, this was one of the first houses in the world to be lit entirely by electricity.

University of Birmingham

Day two and we'll be visiting the University of Birmingham's Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Metrology - catching up on progress into gravimetry and strontium clocks. We've been collaborating with the hub on several Innovate UK projects including ANAGRAM to commercialise a cold atom gravity meter to see through matter and below the ground as well as SCORPIO to develop a strontium cold atom package for commercial optical clocks.

University of Oxford

Later in the day, we'll be stopping in to see partners and customers at Oxford University and the Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub (NQIT) - the largest of the four Hubs in the UK National Quantum Technology Programme. NQIT are are working towards building the Q20:20 engine, which demonstrates a networked, hybrid light-matter approach to quantum information processing. We hope to see the M Squared phase lock system in action as well as work on next generation single photon sources.

National Physical Laboratory

Day three and we’ll be visiting the Biotechnology Group at The National Physical Laboratory. Our Aurora Airy Light Sheet Microscope is in full swing at the lab., so we will be catching up on their work imaging 3D cellular matrices where their research builds on biophysical approaches applied to the study of biological matter at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels. We're excited to see their latest images.

Laboratoire Kastler Brossel - Collège de France

Day 4 sees M Squared visit the Latin Quarter in Paris, specifically Laboratoire Kastler Brossel (LKB) at the Collège de France where a series of very impressive experiments are up and running. One of the first SolsTiS laser installations at LKB was with Dr Fabrice Gerbier of the Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) research group for his Ytterbium optical lattices. The goal of the Ytterbium experiment is to explore the properties of interacting atoms in optical lattices, periodic arrays of trapping sites created by interfering laser beams - the SolsTiS has been a great tool for this experiment.

Institute of Microsystem Technology (IMTEK)

Friday sees us visiting our customers at the Freiburg Institut für Mikrosystemtechnik (IMTEK). IMTEK have been using SolsTiS as part of their work on non-linear optics (NLO) within whispering gallery mode resonators based on Lithium Niobate. Pumped by SolsTiS, these resonators are set up to act as a CW OPO to create light in the visible. IMTEK's latest resonators have diameters comparable with a strand of hair and emit blue and green light, which is produced by frequency doubling.

Fraunhofer IAF

Finally, we'll be stopping in to see our friend's and collaborators at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics. Together we worked on the Innovate EU project, CHEQUERS looking into next generation IR laser sources and threat detection systems.

Laser World of Photonics

We arrive at Laser World of Photonics to set up in time for the start of the exhibition from 26 - 29 June at B3.121. If you're at the show, we invite you to come and see the LandRover (hopefully it will have arrived in one piece) and to meet the team. We'll be running daily workshops across a range of topics as well as talking and chairing sessions at the conference.

Workshops include:

MAKE A QUANTUM LEAP WITH SOLSTIS: An insight into M Squared’s award-winning SolsTiS CW narrow linewidth laser and how it is shaping quantum science. Runs 10 - 10:15 am and 12 - 12:15 pm daily

FROM HYDROCARBONS TO HIGHLAND WHISKY: Find out how our IR and THz Firefly lasers are underpinning solutions in sectors as diverse as oil & gas and food & drink. Runs 11 - 11:15 am daily

REINVENTING THE MICROSCOPE: Learn about our advances in Airy Light Sheet Microscopy - high speed, large volume imaging with low photobleaching. Runs 1 - 1:15 pm daily

FUTURE OF VISIBLE LASER SPECTROSCOPY: Discover the natural successor to the dye laser - SolsTiS EMM. It’s safe, tunable, low noise and fully automated. Runs 2 - 2:15 pm daily

FUTURE LAB INSTRUMENTS IN THE MAKING: Ice Bloc instruments provide more control over experiments and data. Join us as we discuss future lab set-ups. Runs 3 - 3:15 pm daily

EXPLORING SCIENCE OUTSIDE ACADEMIA: Science graduates make up 90% of M Squared’s team. Find out what you can do with your PhD outside academia. Runs 4 - 4:15 pm daily


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Fraunhofer IAF
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Laser World of Photonics
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