Our background as pioneers in the photonics industry brings many benefits to our customers. Our obsession for building transformative photonics products and applications with unmatched product capabilities means that no matter how challenging the task, we never stop listening, innovating, learning and improving so that our customers always benefit from technologies that will help them excel in their work.

We are experienced scientists and engineers

Led by laser experts Dr Graeme Malcolm OBE and Dr Gareth Maker, M Squared has a world leading team of scientific and engineering experts - we have more than 25 doctors in the business. We’ve spent decades designing and manufacturing laser systems for scientific researchers and have expertise in CW to fs pulse widths, and DUV to THz wavelengths, and applications spanning fundamental research to 24/7 semiconductor metrology. Learn more about the company >

We take a science first approach

We talk to you about your research rather than our products; a tried and tested approach that enables us to have level of engagement that really helps you get the results you need. Product specialists play an integral role in this approach; our specialists are PhD level and come from scientific backgrounds (with lab experience) in fields like ultra-cold atoms, trapped ion quantum computation, and optical frequency standards.

We're an award winning company

We have grown to become a world leading company, designing transformative photonics systems that have been recognised by a number of prominent science and business awards over the years including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, the Institute of Physics Innovation Award and Bloomberg Business Innovators. View all our awards >

Our laser platforms have opened up new areas of research

Our photonics platforms are enabling new discoveries and inventions. SolsTiS alone has helped lead to significant inventions, including the world’s most accurate clocks, demonstrations of teleportation of information, antimatter experimentation and the construction of ‘ion-drives’ (the next generation of space propulsion). It has also enabled a new area of carbon nanotube research where there is a need to scan the wavelength over a wide range automatically to measure new material properties. Read our case studies >

We receive outstanding feedback from our customers

We do our best to improve the working lives of our customers, continually striving to ensure that customer feedback from around the world is delivered directly to the right place within the company. Opinions and requests received from customers are used to improve your products and the services we offer. Email us for testimonials and application notes.

We take a 'Dependable Innovation' approach to product development

Everything we do is customer focussed. Our philosophy is Dependable Innovation, an approach that ensures we only release products that are reliable and leading edge; products that balance best practice production and constant curiosity. This approach helps us design products that truly make a difference to our customers working lives and helps us to maintain customer confidence.

We go out of our way to provide excellent customer support

We offer a dedicated after-sales support service to customers; it’s local support for local scientists. We have offices in the UK, USA and Europe and offer support via our distribution centres in the rest of the world. We also provide ongoing staff training programs to improve product knowledge and customer service skills. 

Most of our systems are fully automated so no manual intervention is required; instead they are operated via a web interface. In the event that something needs looked at we offer to ‘dial in remotely’. Our systems are network-connected and web-enabled so we can dial in to diagnose a problem and advise or fix accordingly. Of course, we also offer support via phone, email and personal visits to anywhere in the world if required.

We've developed unique technologies that provide greater product reliability

A number of proprietary core technologies provide features and functionality that offer significant advantages, including:

Instrument Control by Ethernet - Already proven in the field, our Ice BlocTM range is fully Ethernet-connected and controlled entirely from a web browser or using any popular programming language, giving you more control over your experiments and data. Our range of Ice Bloc instrumentation includes diode drivers, quantum cascade laser diode drivers, temperature controllers, photodiode monitors, data-loggers, and actuator drivers. Designed to exacting standards, whichever Ice Bloc you choose, you’ll benefit from state-of-the-art specifications and usability.

Alignment-free opto-mechanical mounts - Our alignment-free opto-mechanical mount technology (InvarianT™) is a huge leap forward for laser technology and a stark contrast to traditional 'ball-and-spring' mounts, which can drift with time and temperature and require operator re-adjustment. InvarianT mounts are set at our manufacturing facility using a proprietary manufacturing technique), and never need realignment.This technology results in sealed, alignment-free, miniaturised laser systems without any alignment drift.