Sprite XT

Sprite is a flexible ultrafast, femtosecond laser source with maximum stability, reliability and productivity. Available as femtosecond, picosecond and fixed wavelength or tunable versions,  the Sprite is equally at home in the lab or an OEM application.


    The Sprite offers a wide set of specification variables including output power (up to multi-Watts), pulse width (femtosecond or picosecond models), wavelength range (fixed wavelength or tunable), and pulse repetition rate (<80MHz to multi-GHz).

    All Sprite models incorporate a host of design features that maximise stability, reliability and productivity. Equally at home in a laboratory or an OEM environment, Sprite is designed for alignment-free and maintenance-free operation. 

    All Sprites come with unique Instrument Control by Ethernet (ICE) functionality as standard.

    Ideal for nonlinear optics, pump-probe experiments, multi-photon excitation microscopy, amplifier seeding, and electro-optic sampling.

    ICE-BLOC' and 'SolsTiS' are UK-registered trademarks of M Squared Lasers Ltd. 'Firefly-IR', 'Firefly-THz', 'Sprite' and 'Dependable Innovation' are trademarks of M Squared Lasers Ltd

    Features of the Sprite product family include:

    • Tuning range from 720 to 940nm
    • Amplitude noise < 0.2%
    • Wide choice of pulse rep rate
    • ICE and InvarianT


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