The award-winning SolsTiS is a step-change in continuous-wave Ti:Sapphire laser technology. It’s a super-compact system with a completely sealed, alignment-free cavity, offering hands-free operation with an unprecedented tuning range, unrivalled power, and the ultimate narrow linewidth, low noise output.



    SolsTiS® is an ultra-compact, automated, widely tunable, CW narrow linewidth Ti Sapphire laser system. Next-generation features lower cost while maximizing reliability, performance and productivity. 

    Ti Sapphire Laser

    SolsTiS provides narrow linewidth, high output power, broad tuning, and the lowest noise in the industry. Compatible with a wide range of commercial Ti Sapphire pump lasers as well as fully integrated pump options.  Available in a range of linewidth options. 

    SolsTiS wavelength control consists of nothing more than selecting a value - "dial a wavelength". Single linewidth scans and scan stitching are also possible.  The entire tuning range can be accessed without changing optics or re-alignment. The system can be integrated into automated experiment via external commands.

    SolsTiS can be locked externally to a transition, reference cavity or wavemeter. The small, sealed cavity can be easily purged in minutes.  Fully integrated accessories such as beam pick-off and fiber coupling are available.  Frequency conversion, e.g. doubling or mixing, with ECD-X.  For data and further detail please view the data sheet.

    Incorporating Instrument Control by Ethernet (ICE), SolsTiS also provides local/ remote control and monitoring via any standard Ethernet connection. A netbook control is supplied as standard. Frequency doubling and mixing accessories available.

    With the first model shipped in 2006, SolsTiS has been a great success and is now the source of choice for a wide range of demanding applications including atom cooling, optical tweezing, holography, high-density optical data storage, and metrology. 

    'ICE-BLOC' and 'SolsTiS' are UK-registered trademarks of M Squared Lasers Ltd. 'Firefly-IR', 'Firefly-THz', 'Sprite' and 'Dependable Innovation' are trademarks of M Squared Lasers Ltd

    Unique features of the SolsTiS Ti Sapphire laser include: 

    • Sealed and fully automated - no user alignment required
    • Tuning from 700 to 1000 nm with no change of optics
    • Custom wavelength ranges, < 700 nm e.g. 671 nm for Lithium or >1000 nm
    • Lowest amplitude noise, <0.1% rms
    • Narrow linewidth <50 kHz
    • High power due to high efficiency cavity design
    • Simply select a wavelength and SolsTiS tunes and locks automatically
    • Single frequency scanning
    • Scan stitching
    • Lock to external transition, external reference cavity or wavemeter
    • Can be fully integrated into an automated experiment via external commands  
    • Compatible with a wide range of pump powers and vendors
    • Easily purged in minutes
    • Frequency doubler / mixing accessories available, ECD-X
    • Fully integrated beam pick off options
    • Fiber launch option
    • ICE and  InvarianT

    For more information, please contact us or else click on the link to the right to download the datasheet.