A high brightness practical alternative for generating terahertz laser light, the Firefly-THz laser provides compactness, convenience and efficiency by virtue of its integrated pump laser, sealed maintenance-free laser head, and a novel optical parametric oscillator design that produces widely tunable and high power THz output.

    Firefly-THz is a more practical alternative to other methods for generating THz light. It is more compact, convenient and efficient because of its integrated diode-pumped pump laser, sealed alignment-free laser head, and a novel OPO design that delivers efficient conversion of the pump to THz wavelengths.

    With wide hands-free tuning, a readily collimated output beam, microwatt average powers, and Watt-level peak powers, Firefly-THz is a more practical, cost-effective THz source. Standard M Squared functionality includes Instrument Control by Ethernet (ICE).

    Applications include THz spectroscopy, non-destructive testing, the remote detection, analysis and imaging of hydrocarbons, and bio-medical diagnostics.  

    ICE-BLOC' and 'SolsTiS' are UK-registered trademarks of M Squared Lasers Ltd. 'Firefly-IR', 'Firefly-THz', 'Sprite' and 'Dependable Innovation' are trademarks of M Squared Lasers Ltd

    Firefly-THz features include:

    • High brightness for remote sensing/ spectroscopy
    • Widely tunable, narrow linewidth output 
    • Pulsed nanosecond output removes the need for post-detection Fourier transform data processing
    • ICE and  InvarianT

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