The Firefly-IR brings ease of use and wide tunability to the mid-IR. Available in two models that span 2.5 – 8.5 um between them. The Firefly-IR is a compact, shoebox size,  and entirely hands free source that operates at room temperature. 

    Based on propriety OPO technology that brings wide tuning from a single device. The Firefly does not require alignment or adjustment, it’s entirely hands free. Wavelength selection, including wavelength scans, is a via a GUI on the supplied netbook making it easy to incorporate into automated data gathering experiments. Pulsed operation and high repetition rate provide high peak power and rapid data acquisition. 

    Available in two models


    • 2.5  - 3.7 microns 


    • -3.7 – 4.5 microns
    • optional dual output with additional short wavelength OPO output  in 1.4-1.9 um range – please ask
    • 150 kHz repetition rate
    • up to >250 mW average power
    • <10 ns pulse duration
    • <  5 cm-1 linewidth (line narrowed version available)


    Firefly-IR- Long Wavelength

    • 5.6  - 8.5 um 
    • 20 kHz repetition rate
    • <50 ns pulse duration
    • < 10 cm-1 linewidth

    Mid-IR Laser


    The Firefly wavelength range includes many molecular absorption features including hydrocarbons. Firefly application include molecular spectroscopy, the remote sensing of hydrocarbons, stand off gas detection mid IR waveguide characterization.  

    ICE-BLOC' and 'SolsTiS' are UK-registered trademarks of M Squared Lasers Ltd. 'Firefly-IR', 'Firefly-THz', 'Sprite' and 'Dependable Innovation' are trademarks of M Squared Lasers Ltd

    Available in six standard Firefly-IR models (two output power and two tuning range and two linewidth options), the Firefly-IR laser can be customized if needed.

    Firefly-IR feature set includes:

    • Extremely broad tuning range from a single device
    • Class-leading peak and average power increases S:N and detector standoff distance
    • Real-time imaging
    • ICE and  InvarianT

    For more information, please contact us or download the datasheet to the right on this page.